quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011

Stage 3: Sevilla (26/02/2011)

After the stage in Madrid, now it is time for Seville to host a stage of the Iberian League of Lacrosse. In the Polidesportivo Camino Viejo, 3 teams will compete to have success, learn and enjoy the sport.

Action, emotion, beautiful goals, great saves, music..want more? Come to Seville!

Field: Polideportivo Camino Viejo,
Avda. Reina Sofía s/n Tomares, Sevilla

10.30-11.30: Sevilla -UEM
12.15-13.15: Coimbra -Sevilla
14.00-15.00: UEM - Coimbra

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