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Points (Goals + Assists) Table


Also from UEM is the MVP of the League, Alvaro Grijalba with 13 points followed by three players with 7 points each: Carlos Rodriguez e Javier Dominguez (Sevilla Lacrosse), Charly Gonzales (Madrid Lacrosse) and Francisco Fonseca (Coimbra Lacrosse).

Final Standings

The 1st Iberian League of Lacrosse is finished and the Champion team is the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM). Congratulations to all the players from UEM but also to the players of the other teams that played to achieve their goals. Get ready for the next season....who will win?

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Stage 6: Coimbra (15/05/2011)

Now, it is time for Portugal to have their first game of lacrosse. This will be the first time that Lacrosse is played oficially in the country.

The Stage 6 of the Iberian League will be played in Coimbra and will be part of the sports calendar of the biggest student party in Portugal, Queima das Fitas. Next Sunday, May 15th at 15.00, in the University Stadium, two teams will play the last game of the 1st Iberian League of Lacrosse: Coimbra Lacrosse vs Seville/UEM/Madlax.

After the game, there will be a trophy cerimony with stage prizes for the teams and the champion team will lift up the league cup.

Don't forget, next Sunday (May 15th), come to the University Stadium of Coimbra, and watch the sport of the moment!

Top Scorers

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MVP players till Stage 5

Standings (till Stage 5)

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Stage 5: Burgos (10/04/11)

After the stage in Madrid, the Iberian League of Lacrosse will travel to the North of Spain, Burgos. The local team, Burgos Lacrosse, will host the Stage 5 of the first Iberian League where Burgos, Madrid and Sevilla are going to play, looking for the best result.

Do you want to see the fastest sport on two feet?

It is simple. The games will be this Sunday (10/04/11) at Campo de futbol municipal,
Villagonzalo Pedernales.

The first game starts at 12.00

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Stage 4: Madrid (19/03/2011)

The Iberian League of Lacrosse will return to Madrid in March 19th. Now, it is time for the UEM to organize the Stage 4 of this sport event.

10:00 UEM vs. Sevilla
12:00 UEM vs. Chamberí
14:00 Sevilla vs. Chamberí

Come to Calle del Tajo, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón and watch the sport of the moment!

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Top Scorers

MVP - Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3

The Most Valuable Players (MVP's) are voted by the teams, after the stage.

Results - Stage 3 - Seville

The Stage 3 of the Iberian league took place in Seville (Tomares) and was attended by the home team, Sevilla Lacrosse, the team from the European University of Madrid (UEM) and the portuguese team from Coimbra (ACM LACROSSE) with 5 Players of the Spanish team of Burgos.

Final results
Lacrosse Seville 3 - 4 UEM (Overtime)
Lacrosse Seville 4 - 2 Coimbra Lacrosse/Burgos
Lacrosse Coimbra/Burgos 3 - 4 UEM (golden goal)


The next stage will be in Madrid - March 19th

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Stage 3: Sevilla (26/02/2011)

After the stage in Madrid, now it is time for Seville to host a stage of the Iberian League of Lacrosse. In the Polidesportivo Camino Viejo, 3 teams will compete to have success, learn and enjoy the sport.

Action, emotion, beautiful goals, great saves, music..want more? Come to Seville!

Field: Polideportivo Camino Viejo,
Avda. Reina Sofía s/n Tomares, Sevilla

10.30-11.30: Sevilla -UEM
12.15-13.15: Coimbra -Sevilla
14.00-15.00: UEM - Coimbra

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Top scorers - Stage 1 and 2

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MVP - Stage 1 and 2

The Most Valuable Players (MVP's) are selected by the teams, after the stage.
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Standings - Stage 1 and 2

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Stage 1 - Valencia: 13/11/2010

Stage 2 - Madrid: 4-5/12/2010

Stage 3 - Sevilla: 26-27/02/2011

Stage 4 - UEM: 19-20/03/2011

Stage 5 - Burgos: 9-10/04/2011

Stage 6 - Coimbra: 7-8/05/2011

League Teams

ACM Lacrosse - Coimbra:
Email: lacrosseportugal@gmail.com
Field: Estádio Universitário de Coimbra. Santa Clara, 3040-256 Coimbra, Portugal

Burgos Campeadores
Email: rsadlhrsa@yahoo.com

Chamberí (MADRID)
Field: Av. Pablo Iglesias, 15. 28003, Madrid, España

Email: madridlacrosse@yahoo.es
Field: Av. Pablo Iglesias, 15. 28003, Madrid, España

Sevilla Lacrosse
Email: sevillalacrosse@gmail.com
Field: Avda. Reina Sofía s/n 41940 Tomares, Sevilla, España

UEM Lacrosse
Email: uemlacrosse@gmail.com
Field: Calle del Tajo, 28670 - Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid, España

Valencia Lacrosse -
Email: sete_jam89@hotmail.com
Field: Calle Campillo de Altobuey 1 - 46022 Valencia, España